As a designer (and as a person, I guess) I'm a bit of a chameleon. I'm driven by challenge and curiosity--I want to try every style, every medium, every technology. And in the past 20 years I've managed quite a few. My favorite job will always be graphic design, but I have enjoyed pen and ink, charcoal, sculpture, stained glass, costuming, metal work, photography, video, and animation. There is just something so satisfying in getting your hands dirty and understanding how something works.
In any medium, my specialty is visual communication and problem solving. As an introvert (get the name?) I love to read and study, so I usually have a pretty good handle on what the client wants or how to reach an audience. I think it's why my aesthetic is so versatile, and every project is unique. If I had to claim a personal design style, my uncle said it best: "There can be power and elegance in simplicity" (I tattooed a version of it in his memory). I think design is not just color or shape or font; it’s how things work. It’s authentic, it has a purpose, it communicates, and it solves an existing problem…otherwise, it’s just art.
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